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TTS Group (Australia) Rebranded to SITE Traffic

Don't be fooled - we are the same company, the same people and continue to offer the same services in Australia, but now as:

It is 'business as usual' but now with a more refreshing and fitting name for the highly specialised traffic engineering services we provide to the construction and infrastructure sectors here in Australia.

SITE | Site Integrated Traffic Engineering

Why the name change?

SITE Traffic, formally known as TTS Group here in Australia, has been operating in Southeast Queensland since 2014. We have since developed a strong focus on construction and infrastructure traffic engineering services for major projects throughout the region. This has now led to our ongoing focus in these specific markets as we continue to develop as industry leaders for all Site traffic engineering related matters.

We Are Local...

Our team has worked on many major projects throughout Southeast Queensland including some iconic sites such as Queen's Wharf Brisbane and the Gold Coast Star Casino.

We Know People...

We have a long-standing professional and reputable relationship with local Councils and Road Authorities which is an extremely unique and unrivalled offering that we have developed.

We Deliver Solutions...

We "Live & Breath Traffic" as a one-stop-shop specialising in traffic engineering for the construction and infrastructure sectors providing an integrated range of consulting services with a solutions driven approach.

We Are Different...

Our professional traffic engineers have many years of international experience working on various transport projects around the world. We offer practical solutions for complex problems and no job is too big or too small for us.

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