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Happy Holidays, from our team to you

A brief thanks!

As we enter this festive season, we reflect on all of the delightful people we have worked with over this last year and wish everyone a happy and safe holidays!

OUR OFFICE CLOSED Thursday 23 December until Monday 10 January

Please stay safe on the roads this Christmas DID YOU KNOW THERE HAVE BEEN OVER 300 ROAD FATALITIES IN QLD THIS YEAR! THIS IS 25% MORE THAN LAST YEAR AND REMAINS THE HIGHEST IN THE LAST 5 YEARS! As one of the busiest and most dangerous periods for drivers, it is important to be aware and prepared for heightened risks on the road. Now that borders are opening and domestic travel on the up, we can expect to see that risk increase even more these holidays as more people are eager to travel. Here's 5 tips from us

Tip # 1 Plan your journey and expect delays With borders opening there will be more traffic on the roads, expect delays and a longer journey, and please be patient.

Tip # 2 Drive to the conditions We've had a lot of rain lately so expect more! Slow down in the wet and adjust your driving to the road conditions.

Tip # 3 Keep a safe distance Around 30% of all crashes are rear-ends. Busy roads create frustrated drivers and you won’t get there any quicker by tailgating. Keep a safe distance with a 3 second gap, or more if conditions are poor.

Tip # 4 Take frequent breaks Fatigue is one of the top killers on our roads. Be sure to take a rest stop every 2 hours. Remember there are many driver reviver stops around with free coffee etc so why not take advantage.

Tip #5 "The most important bloody tip mate!" Stay Safe!!! As we rejoice in the sweet smell of freedom with border openings and restrictions easing, we must be mindful that with this freedom we need to be responsible on the road. Don’t take stupid risks with drink driving or using mobile phones, and keep in mind that arriving late is better than not arriving at all.

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